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Photo: Boveda

New Boveda 330 Gram Pouch Designed for Humidors of all Sizes

The addition of a 330 gram unit will be the largest Boveda in the lineup thus far, and will be available for shipment in September. Up until now, the largest and most popular size (60 grams) has been Bovedas bread and butter for wood humidor maintenance.


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raising the american flag in cuba with kerry

Visiting Cuba: “Before the Americans Come”

The idea that change is around the corner for Cuba is widespread right now. The change itself is being predicted to happen any time between this year and ten years from now. But most Cubans and outsiders do expect grand changes to occur soon.


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el panteon la corona factory

El Panteón: The former La Corona Factory

El pantéon – hall of fame or cemetery – depending on the translation – was what the torcedores called the La Corona factory. Built by the American Tobacco Company, later under the name of Tabacalera Cubana, the factory operated a total of 91 brands.

Photo: Simon Lundh

How Many Leaves Go Into Making One Cigar?

The answer isn’t as straight-forward as you might think. Of course, it’s obvious that the amount of tobacco used will vary considerably from Vitola to Vitola, and that it will also be influenced by the density of the roll. It can be said that the wrapper and the binder each use one half of a tobacco leaf.

cubatabaco 1492 vintage humidor open certificate

Who are the Buyers of High-Priced Vintage Cigars?

The vintage cigar market can be an enigmatic place, with players unwilling to reveal their sources, collections or investments for fear of alerting their competitors. With some information from a few specialists, Nick Hammond found out that vintage buyers can be divided into two distinct groups.

cigar wrapper colors

Cigar Trivia: Wrapper Colors

Cigars not only come in different forms. As well, the color spectrum of the wrapper is impressively extensive, and each one is the result of several different factors and processes that also influence how a cigar tastes.