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Should One Air a Humidor on a Regular Basis?

Should One Air a Humidor on a Regular Basis?

Almost every book on cigars and even the instructions for use of a humidor include the recommendation to air the humidor on a regular basis. If I might be permitted to say so, that is complete nonsense.

Fact Check: What’s The Fuss About Cigar Wrappers All About?

Wrappers should have allure and charm. Moderate veining, even coloring, a discreet sheen, and absence of defects are essential attributes. Combustibility, texture and elasticity are less visible but even more vital. Beyond the traditional aspects, the wrapper’s aromatic influence is heavily debated.

cellophane cigar wrapper packaging material bundle

Cellophane Wrapper: What is it exactly?

Anyone who smokes cigars is well acquainted with the good old cellophane wrapper. Except for Cuban cigars, which haven’t been packaged in cellophane since 1992, the majority of today’s cigars are bundled in this see-through packaging material. But what exactly is cellophane, and why is it so popular?

What Makes Spanish Cedarwood the Top Choice of Cigar Manufacturers?

It’s a well-known fact that Spanish cedarwood is the top choice of cigar manufacturers when it comes to packaging and storing cigars. But why exactly is the fragrant wood an industry favorite for humidor paneling and cigar boxes?